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Posted by Rebecca Williams on August 18, 2020 in  General Info
Whenever I find myself with a few minutes to spare between appointments or tasks, I like to google Real Estate topics to see if there are new ideas for marketing or new facts that are useful etc.  This week, I spent some time on the Homelight Website and found lots of info that was interesting and mostly useful.  There are a few items that really are location specific and only work in some markets, but overall this is a great place to go for general info and for a buyer or seller to start a list of q... read more

Condo's and Townhomes - NCREC

Q&A for Condo and Townhomes
Posted by Rebecca Williams on February 15, 2020 in  General Info
In the past, home ownership typically involved a single-family house with a yard. But today, due to increased prices of single-family homes and changes in lifestyles, many people either cannot afford or simply prefer not to own traditional single -family homes. In response to their needs, alternative forms of home ownership have been developed. Among these are multifamily housing complexes containing townhouses and condominiums (often referred to as “condos”). This pamphlet focuses on questions frequently asked abo... read more

Fair Housing - NCREC

Questions and Answers on Fair Housing Laws
Posted by Rebecca Williams on December 29, 2019 in  General Info
I am here to help you buy and sell real estate, but also like to share great information that relates to those actions.  Today I chose to highlight Fair Housing.  The purpose of the fair housing laws is to protect a person’s right to own, sell, purchase, or rent housing of his or her choice without fear of unlawful discrimination. The fair housing laws are intended to allow everyone equal access to housing. State and Federal fair housing laws prohibit discrimination in the housing market on the basis of race, color... read more

Residential Subdivisions - NCREC

What is an HOA? and other related questions answered here.
Posted by Rebecca Williams on December 01, 2019 in  General Info
One of my goals is to educate consumers as I help people buy and sell homes, I wanted to provide some information on Residential Subdivisions that have Restrictive Covenants.  As North Carolina becomes an increasingly urban state, more and more people are purchasing homes and lots in residential subdivisions and planned communities. In these subdivisions and communities, there is usually a homeowners association that may be responsible for maintaining the common areas of the development and the enforcement of “rest... read more