Chantal Rife

Buying or selling a home are some of the biggest financial transactions of your life – it’s important to me! I will employ my personal real estate experiences to be the realtor everyone wants to work with. With over 17 years of renovation experience, I will help you identify issues and expose the potential in each property.  As the real estate industry evolves to be more innovative, you need someone on your side that is efficient, agile and resourceful.

Having worked nearly 20 years in a high-paced corporate finance job, I am keen on saving money and maximizing profits. My career has also poised me with the expertise to handle unexpected situations, strong communication and listening skills.  My first priority is to make my clients happy, and I strive to ensure the buying/selling process is as easy and stress free as possible.

I am your advisor, consultant, realtor, and neighbor.  If you are ready to jump in, contact me today – I am ready to help YOU achieve your goals!